About Us

Forming in August 2016 to perform at 'open mic' venues within the Newcastle and Hunter region of NSW, ClydeStreet has been happily making music ever since. In fact, it's unusual to find us not making music.

Typically, we can be found hard at work rehearsing and jamming in our local studio - an old manufacturing shed in Clyde Street - yes, that's how we came up with our band name. It's not a palace, just a charming studio with great acoustics - decor needs some work but we're so into in our music we don't really notice.

Not only do we rehearse and jam hard, but we also really enjoy each other's company - you'll often find us sharing big belly laughs over a cup of tea or a bottle of beer. And our togetherness and friendships blends to provide a great platform for producing the ensemble style of music we love to share with audiences at community events, festivals and private functions.

Our ensemble style incorporates creative interpretations of jazz, country and contemporary songs - which we create with the harmonica, guitar, keyboard, ukulele, banjo, bass, percussion, drums and singing.

We're available for bookings and would love to chat with you about your requirements.

Let's get you dancing in the aisles - we'd love you to make our day (or night!)

Andrea Rozsa Tulipan

(via Facebook November 2018)

Awesome performance Ladies and Gents! Really enjoyed listening to you!
See you again soon! ?
The Drummers ???

Edward Santiago

(via Facebook, 2nd May 2019)

Awesome group! ❤️ 

Susan Rummey

(via Facebook May 2019)

Great friendly performance! I am amazed you can all play without music sheets!